Abahna Lilac Rose & Geranium Reed Oil Diffuser Set 200ml

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Abahna Lilac Rose & Geranium Reed Oil Diffuser Set 200ml

Each reed diffuser contains a special blend of essential oils to create an individual ambience for different parts of your home. Delicate room fragrance comes from natural reeds that slowly release mood-enhancing scents, without overpowering, for up to 4 months. Turn the reeds regularly to enjoy even more of the exquisite fragrance.

Lilac Rose & Geranium - A relaxing scent, seductive, romantic and dreamy to inspire love.

The beautifully etched glass bottles look so attractive on a dressing or bedside table. Rich, elegant floral notes will help you drift off into peaceful sleep and turn guest rooms into mini havens of calm and relaxation, to the delight of your visitors.

Essential oil of rose - Essential oil of geranium - Natural reeds

Abahna reed diffusers disperse essential oils via attractive clusters of natural reeds in exclusive etched glass decanters. Only the highest quality ingredients are sourced from around the world and carefully blended in small batches to ensure integrity and quality.

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