Timothy Dunn Luxury Candle - Arabian Fig

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Timothy Dunn Arabian Fig Luxury Candle

This candle oozes sensuality, spice and luxury. Inspired by the largest and wealthiest city of the Middle Ages, Arabian Fig embodies the ancient sophistication and decadence of Constantinople. As your beautiful candle melts, you'll be intoxicated by the essence of ripe, succulent figs warming in Byzantine courtyards.

Presenting a complex blend of green fig leaf, basil and clove, tenderly enhanced with frankincense; this deliciously aromatic candle has a hint of wild fig and cassis, rose and jasmine, and the rich base notes of sandalwood, cedarwood and musk.

Set within a stunning, hand-blown aubergine glass holder, this Limited Edition candle is simply perfect at Christmas time.

Burn Time 60 hours
Top notes Wild Fig & Cashmere Wood
Wax Content 345g

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