Timothy Dunn Luxury Candle - Oud

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Timothy Dunn Oud Luxury Candle

Inspired by the majesty of ancient Persian cities and the intense heat of the Middle Eastern desert, Oud luxury scented candle has a deep and mysterious aroma.

Reminiscent of the bustling souks in Dubai and Bahrain with their exotic blend of woods, resins and deep spices, Oud exemplifies the aroma of Middle Eastern markets and heady Arabian Nights.

Top notes of black pepper, saffron and dark amber are blended with cedarwood, sandalwood and neroli, ending with base notes of frankincense, spice fruit teas, patchouli and Oud - also known as agar wood, a rare and precious natural oil from north east India.

Burn Time 60 hours
Top notes Frankincense & Oud
Wax Content 345g

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