Hand Lotions

Soften and moisturise hands with luxurious hand lotions and hand creams that leave hands gently fragranced. Lovely gift sets available.

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Greenscape Organic Cocoa Butter Hand & Nail Cream 100ml
Greenscape Organic Cocoa Butter Hand Cream is deeply moisturising for an intense skin hydrating expe..
Greenscape Organic Home Made Apple Carrot & Oatmilk Hand & Nail Cream 300ml
An anytime treatment, Greenscape Organic Home Made Apple, Carrot & Oat Milk hand and nail cream is n..
Greenscape Organic Honey Hand & Nail Cream 100ml
Discover the hidden benefits of Ancient Mediterranean pharmacopoeia and regenerate healthy skin. Rep..
Greenscape Organic Lavender Hand & Nail Cream 100ml
Moisturise and nourish tired hands with Greenscape Lavender Hand Cream to soothe dry, rough skin and..
Greenscape Organic Olive Oil Hand & Nail Cream 100ml
Moisture rich organic olive oil combines with the secret treasury of antioxidants found in pomegrana..
Greenscape Organic Shea Butter Hand & Nail Cream 100ml
Using organic butter from the fruit of the indigenous karite tree, Greenscape organic rich hand crea..
Noble Isle Heather Honey Hand Lotion 250ml
Noble Isle's Heather Honey Hand Lotion softens and moisturises hands with a rich lotion fragranced w..
Noble Isle Rhubarb Rhubarb! Hand Lotion 250ml
Noble Isle's Rhubarb Rhubarb! Hand Lotion is a luxuriant, moisturising lotion with a bittersweet, fr..
Noble Isle Rhubarb! Rhubarb! Gift Set 2 x 250ml and Diffuser
Noble Isle Rhubarb! Rhubarb! Gift SetHand Wash 250ml, Hand Lotion 250ml & Reed DiffuserNoble Isle's ..
Noble Isle Sea of Green Hand Lotion 250ml
Noble Isle's Sea of Green Hand Lotion luxuriantly moisturises hands, leaving them soft and fragrance..
Ortigia Sicilia Ambra Nera Hand Cream 75ml
AMBRA NERARich, warm and woody, the masculine notes of Ambra Nera include resin and spice wood; an a..
Ortigia Sicilia Bergamotto Hand Cream 75ml
BERGAMOTTOGreen and strong, the essential oil is derived from the crushed leaves and zest of the bit..
Ortigia Sicilia Fico D'India Hand Cream 75ml
Fico D'IndiaThe most loved Ortigia perfume, with soft notes of powdery fig and cedar. Derived from t..
Ortigia Sicilia Florio Hand Cream 75ml
FLORIOSoft and delicate winter flowering Sicilian wild flowers Passiflora, Narcissus and wild Iris a..
Ortigia Sicilia Lavanda Hand Cream 75ml
LAVANDADistilled from organic Sicilian Lavandula Officinalis and Lavanda Vera, a true lavender essen..
Ortigia Sicilia Lime Hand Cream 75ml
LIMERich and aromatic, combining lime wood, lime blossom and oils from scented Sicilian lime trees. ..
Ortigia Sicilia Melograno Hand Cream 75ml
MELOGRANO (Pomegranate)The exotic Melograno fruit has a wonderfully dry, deep and aromatic fruity sc..
Ortigia Sicilia Sandalo Hand Cream 75ml
SANDALORich and complex, the essential oil of sandalwood is combined with narcissus, cedar and teak,..
Ortigia Sicilia Zagara Hand Cream 75ml
ZAGARAThe most famous scent of the Ortigia groves in Sicilia. The scent of fragrant white orange blo..