Jonathan Ward London Mombasa Club 1932 Double Wick Candle 240g

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A truly gorgeous candle inspired by Lady Idina Sackville's time in Africa, this scent is an aristocratic aroma with the primitive background of Kenya's scorching plains. Mombasa Club 1932 is one of the richest aromas in the Collection; layers of Ginger, Anise and Cassis are teamed with Amber, Patchouli and Clove.

The Mombasa Club 1932 scented candle is hand-poured using paraffin-free, clean-burning soy and beeswax and is housed in hand-blown, Italian, crystal glass.

Warm notes of Amber, Cassis, Clove, Patchouli, Anise, Ginger

Burn time 45 hours. 240g

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