Scented Candles

Indulge your senses with our personally selected collection of scented candles representing the best of European and British Brands.

A beautifully scented candle is the simplest way to infuse any room with both fragrance and the warm flickering light and ambiance only a candle can emanate. The choice is almost endless - summery florals, spiced, woody notes, aromatic scents with therapeutic properties to soothe, calm or invigorate, fresh, citrus zest and seasonal aromas to evoke thoughts of holidays, summer gardens, Christmas...

Many ranges also offer Diffusers and Room Sprays to extend home fragrance options.

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Welton London Kelly Hoppen #4 Candle 230gr
Scented Candle KELLY HOPPEN by WELTON PARFUMS IVA woody composition with citrus notes in a refined s..
Welton London Metallic Fig Leaves Candle 180gr
Scented Candle FIG LEAVESThis scent liberates clear, fresh, aquatic notes, which mingle to perfectio..
Welton London Metallic Harmony Candle 180gr
Scented Candle HARMONYA floral scent to entice you with its essential jasmine fragrance, subtle vani..
Welton London Metallic Himalaya Candle 180gr
Scented Candle HIMALAYAFresh, sparkling scents of citrus fruits mingle with green tea to produce a s..
Welton London Metallic Love Candle 180gr
Scented Candle LOVEA floral yet spicy perfume, blending fresh violet and ylang ylang flowers with ze..
Welton London Onyx No.1 Candle 170gr
Scented Candle ONYX No1Citrus, woody, spicy blendTop Notes : Bergamot, Seville Orange, Pink PepperHe..
Welton London Onyx No.2 Candle 170gr
Scented Candle ONYX No2Amber, floral, woody blendTop Notes : Lemon, Orange, Aniseed Notes, SpicesHea..
Welton London Onyx No.3 Candle 170gr
Scented Candle ONYX No3Vanilla, oriental, musky blendTop Notes : Almond and CaramelHeart Notes : Gre..
Welton London Onyx No.4 Candle 170gr
Scented Candle ONYX No4Fruity, floral, musky blendTop Notes : Lemon, Mandarin, Litchi , Blackcurrant..
Welton London Onyx No.5 Candle 170gr
Scented Candle ONYX No5Citrus, green, fruity blendTop Notes : Bergamot, Lemon , Grapefruit, Petit G..
Welton London Onyx No.6 Candle 170gr
Scented Candle ONYX No6Fruity, floral blendTop Notes : Peach, Bergamot, BlackcurrantHeart Notes : Vi..